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Orthodontists use a diverse array of treatment options and appliances to move teeth and align jaws into their ideal positions. During your initial consultation, your orthodontist will determine which treatment option will best meet your needs by analyzing your mouth and jaws, discussing with you your goals, and recommending a treatment plan. This recommendation will include the type of appliance needed to reach your desired result, how to care for your appliance and teeth, and how often to visit your family dentist for checkups and professional cleanings.

Your dental health is very important to us.  These days you have many choices regarding your orthodontic needs.  You can choose between consulting a general dentist or orthodontist,  different types of orthodontic treatments, including "do it yourself aligners".  The American Association of Orthodontists highly reccomends that you seek the services of a trained specialist in Orthodontics who is a respected member of the AAO.  This will ensure that you are getting a specialist who is trained in the science and art of evaluating you thoroughly and accurately.  A specialist can detect periodontal dsorders or other dental issues that can impact your overall oral health and one who can create a treatment plan that is medically sound and meets your individual needs.  Dr. Pollack has been a member of the American Association of Orthodtists for many years. All consultations including x-rays and photos are free of charge.  


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